Ali Marie
 Upon the Shimmer and Glory

Skinny jeans and low shirts they enter the school,
Pride on their shoulders and Pumps on their feet.
As they attempt to pull of the top teen look.
Next, when they leave,
Boys drool and girls envy.
O how they rule the school in flawless ways.

with thanks to Robert Herrick

This thought carries too much with me

This thought is too much within in me; today and yesterday,
Searching and seeking, I try to find the truth;
The thought has grown too vigorously;
Have I given my heart to the wrong man?
The man I love does not see me,
Instead he sees the one who will never understand him,
I gather myself and say that I truly do love the man I am with,
But with that thought I must say,
I am a liar. —And I am not okay with that
I feel like Tiger Woods living a double life.
Or like Lebron James trading against his own,
I do not want to be this,
I just want to be a girl loving the right person.

with thanks to Wordsworth

The Gurl

Gurl, Gurl, fading fast
In this night of lights,
What do you seek,
Fame or love?
In what place
Will you find love tonight?
With the dancing man,
Whom does not know your name?
And for fame and fortune,
What are you willing to risk?
And if you fail,
Will pride keep you down?
Is it your time? Time to shine?
Or is it your turn to fade?
Fade fast? Fade fast with the lights in the morning?
Dare you try to stay and make a name?
For love and fame,
What will you give?
Will you give your name,
Or simply yourself?
Gurl, Gurl, fading fast
In this night of lights,
What do you seek,
Fame or love?

with thanks to William Blake

 On My Sweet Na-Na

Farwell, sweet Na-Na of peace, and joy;
My life was to cramped with much nonsense, to surprise you with a toy:
Twelve years our lives intertwined, and for that I say,
With all my heart I love thee to this day.
O I could live my life in sorrow! For why
I will not live my life to envy,
To watch the world move on and I stay in place,
Misery will accompany, but hope will be my guide.
Rest in happiness and Peace, and if asked said, “Here lie Kathey Dazey. The kindest woman in the world.”
For whose life was lived and taken at a flash
As to what she wanted form life, we’ll never know.

with thanks to Ben Johnson


Monday no school but yet scholarships to do; Tuesday you must do your Spanish and do not forget your research; don’t fall to far behind; graduation is in the light; Thursday you have a meeting; oh and Friday too; Wednesday you must finish your bridge; Saturday you must work; but not too much for the fear of looking beat; wash every day; and do your hair; and don’t forget your room fare; don’t play that rap crap; it’ll kill your brain; don’t forget your English with the Romantic Era; straighten your ways; or to jail you may go; May 19th is your finish line; don’t you dare forget; Ohio Vortex game Saturday; don’t forget to do your homework; college visit on the 28th; and please don’t make me say it again; you’re a slacker I say; a slacker at best; But I do not have bad ways; and don’t forget to feed that dog; oh and that cat too; although they are rather cuddly at night; but besides you have dishes to do; clean your room; and tidy up that straggly hair of yours; put that cell phone down; focus on your studies and not on that boy; do not become the town whore like that other girlfriend of yours; wash the dog and take her for a walk; don’t forget to feed that cat; walk with your head held high; we are better than most you  know; pick up your feet; straighten your back; you’re a slacker I say; stop being a menace; just do your work; pick up the pizza and don’t forget a tip; my hair is thin I can’t help how it turns out; what do you mean you can’t do your hair; take a brush; brush it; put hairspray or gel in; and you are done; now move on before ways are unchangeable

with thanks to Jamaica Kincaid

Sweet, Sweet Love Affair

My love for you is like glistening snow.
                         That has fallen fresh on the blades of green grass.
My love for you is like a sweet song
                        That is played through its acoustic cords.
As far as I can travel,
                        My love for you will reach no ends
And I will still have more room to love my sweetheart,
            Until the snow no longer breaths it’s chilly glory upon us.
I will sing of our love affair,           
            Till the music dies:
I will still love you
            Even with the distance between.
Time will come,
            And we shall reunite again.
And forever the moment shall be ours,
            Till the day God takes our breath away.

with thanks to Robert Burns