Ali Marie
When My Wings are Spread Wide

When my wings are spread wide,
With freedom pulsing through my veins,
Which is something I have been for longing.
How great this feels
For the greater of good
That I may just never return!
How great does this feel
For the oceans I have reached
And of the dancing I have done
How great it was to see
To see those green blades swaying to the beat
What more could you ever want?
How great does it look
With the houses all on a line
On the best floral gardens I have seen!
How amazing is this place
O’er the valleys and into the fields.
Or to the ocean waves.
How great does this seem
Hearing the birds’ chirp, and the wind sing
Can attract your attention or mind!
The sounds will entrap you,
The beauty will surround you
And it will bring a peace and joy around you
Our own personal joys,
Ev’ry one will be filled;
We will be alive and rejuvenated.
Tis in joy we scream and cry
We have found ourselves once more
For our lovely friend Stradbally provided to us once more.

With thanks to Jane Austen