Ali Marie

Man of Horror or Science?

            Warning, this is not for the faint hearted. You are about to embark on an endeavor that will leave you speechless and wondering. Is this possible? Is this true? Your answers will be answered, maybe not in a way you may like, but they shall be answered. So remember you were warned, continue at your own risk.
            Frankenstein. The mad scientist. Was he creative or crazy? How about Mary Shelley? Is she sane for making up this twisted horror story? Or is she creative because she now has sold millions of copies today, with her hit book, which became a legend amongst the greatest.
            For Mary, growing up with her family was a challenge. Mary’s mother died shortly after giving birth to Mary. Creating the illusion to Mary that she was a murder and Mary’s mother lost her life because of Mary. Years later Mary married Percy Shelley, whom at the time of their meeting was already betrothed to another woman, Harriet. Who after Percy left her and ran off with Mary, committed suicide by drowning. Percy and Mary then left and went to England where Mary had given birth to William.
            Mary went into a psychotic break when her daughter had died, and Mary had a miscarriage, then the following year her 3-year old son, William died, followed by Percy. She felt no need to go on with her life, and with that Mary became very depressed.
            Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s most famous story, came from a competition. The competition toke place between Mary, Percy and Lord Bryon. The challenge was to write a ghost story. It took Mary Shelley one-year and her husbands support and encouragement for her to finish the story. Mary was inspired by the science world around her while she was creating her story.
            In 1818, the shelves are stocked, the critics begin their work, and the daredevils of society jump into the book, Frankenstein. Mary Shelley finally finished her successful story in 1818. The book starts out with four letters. Robert Walton, who is the explorer in the book, writes to his beloved sister, Margaret Saville. Robert tells Margaret how lonely he is, and how he has no true friends on board with him. Robert also tells her of his dream. Robert’s dream is to become the first explorer to reach the North Pole.
            The third letter simply states that the voyage has begun and Robert has no reason to doubt they will achieve his target. To Robert things are going to be an easy sail, until they hit the iceberg. That there my friends is where Mary Shelley’s horror story commences.
            Just another day at sea when Robert sees a man like figure, carrying what looked like a sled. We later realize in the book that the man like figure was Dr. Frankenstein’s creature. The creature was carrying a sled with Dr. Frankenstein on it. Dr. Frankenstein was very ill and needed help to survive. The crewmen on Robert’s ship helped carry Frankenstein onto the ship and laid him down to rest.
            When Dr. Frankenstein recovered partially Robert began questioning him about his life and what the thing was that was carrying the sled. Now in the movie Dr. Frankenstein came running up to the crewmen and told them to board the ship and leave because there was danger beyond the hill.
    The main plot through out the story is, Frankenstein creates this monster who, after being out own his own and living in a barn realizes that he is a human, and develops the abilities to think, feel, and speak. When the monster learns what he can, he sets out to find Frankenstein so he can have a true love of his own; which he wants Frankenstein to create.
            Nevertheless, Frankenstein revolts this idea and tells the monster he will not create him a wife. At that moment, the monster decides that if he cannot have someone to love, neither can Frankenstein. So the monster warns Frankenstein that he shall kill everyone Frankenstein loves until he creates the monster’s true love.
            The book and the 2004 movie version of Frankenstein as you can see differ. As most movies do from books. In spite of that, the 2004 version follows the book fairly well in my eyes.
              Naturally there are some things that do in fact differ. One example of this is when Elizabeth dies, she dies on her wedding night because the monster had come into her room and killed her. Taking away one of the few things Frankenstein had left in his life that he loved.
            When Elizabeth was killed in the book they had buried her. However, in the movie, they show Frankenstein on a mad man rampage and he takes her body to his lair where he then brings her back such as he had done to his first creation. The monster then believes that he is finally getting his wife, when Frankenstein tries to take that from him as well. Anyways, once Elizabeth sees herself after Frankenstein’s work she catches herself on fire and dies again.
            Another time when the book and movie are set apart is the relationship between Elizabeth and Frankenstein. In the book they were simply childhood friends. Siblings more like it. But in the movie they were lovers. They flirted, and kissed and danced through life together. Although I believe the movie version fits a little better because it actually shows a good bases for Frankenstein and Elizabeth to get married; unlike the book when they simply just get married to please Frankenstein’s mother her last dying wish.
            Overall the movie does do Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein justice. As always there will be difference between the book and the movie. To me I do believe it just depends on how the director of the movie portrayed the book and how they choose to interpret the author’s words into their image.