Ali Marie

Being crazy is just an added bonus to my life (:
Howdy. My name is Alexandria Marie Fisher. But I do go by many nicknames but the common nickname I go by is Ali. I attend Canton South High School, where I am a Senior. I have played Varsity Girls' Soccer for all four years at CSHS. I was Captain for three out of the four years. I am involved with being; Leader for Compact for Success, Student Leadership, President for Wildcat Christian Athletes (WCA), and I am also Editor for the Yearbook. I am also very involved with the music department here. I am apart of Symphonic Choir, as a Soprano and all the musicals. I have a few very good best friends, Tessa Nehlen, Krysten Able, Alex Aquino, Adam Behringer, Joey Stelluto, and AJ Wood. I plan to attend Bowling Green State University next fall and double major in Education and History; with a minor in English. I also love photography and I probably take way to many pictures but I love doing it and I love the memories that I'll always have.

A few senior pictures. Enjoy! (:

The song "I'm not Who I was" by Brandon Heath is a personal favorite of mine. And it has spoken to me more then most songs. It also has helped me explain how I feel about others. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! (: