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Stella Campbell letter to Munro Chambers

Stella Campbell
Dear Munro Chambers,
      Munro, I know maybe we have never officially met, nor talked. But the few minutes we did share were enough for me to realize one thing. I do believe in love at first sight. I always believed my grandparents just made that phony line up to cover up for their affair. But no, they were beyond right. Love at first sight does truly exist, and you showed that to me. I may sound like a hopeless romantic but I cannot seem to help it.
      I surly hope one day our paths will cross either by pure fate or by I. I do believe we have a love that will shine brighter than most. I spend a mass amount of my time just thinking of when I could see you again.
      I lay awake in my bed, desiring a kiss. But a kiss will I never ask for. For I chose to be respected woman and I will not go about flaunting everything for a man, whom I have no idea if I even have caught the eye                                                     of.
                                                                                                                                                              Stella Campbell

Munro's Chambers Letter to Stella Campbell

Munro Chambers
My dearest Stella,

            The moment I got your letter my heart skipped a beat. I feared the worst of what the letter may bring. But just the scent the letter carried made my heart ache for you. That brief moment was enough to make my heart know what a man like I should want. And that is a woman like you.
            My love is unveiling. I truly never have felt this feeling before. My heart was made to love. But I never thought it would love like this. This feeling is what they say fairytales. And as I being a male I never believed in those. I mean really, to me love would just be an easy way to get a girl. But this, this my dear Stella, is so very different
            I want to see you again. To smell your sweet scent, and to kiss those tender velvet red lips. At the end of the month on the 14th, the most romantic day of the year; met me on the dock at 5 o’clock. For there my heart will be awaiting you. And until that moment when I see your diamond sparkling eyes, I will just plan out my surprise for you. I truly hope I can be the man, which you my Stella need and deserve. 
            I’ll be waiting on the dock, waiting for however long it takes for you to show my love.

                                                                                            With my whole heart,