Ali Marie

My Family

My Family is far from normal. My parents are recently divorced and they both have moved on to other people. I love both of their choices in whom they picked. And I have embraced all this with a positive attitude. But now I will get to who is who and you can realize just why I love them all so. (:

My Sister

Ashlan Renee Fisher. Is my little sister. She will be 16 in May and is at CSHS as well. We play soccer together and did one musical together as well. As much as I can act like I don't, I do truly love her. And she does mean a lot to me.

My Mother's Side

My mother, Candy Fisher, has her boyfriend Tim Collins, and my sister and I. At my mothers household we have our lovely dog, Daisy and our pretty cat, Chloe

My Dad's side

This is my Dad's side of the family. My father, Jim Fisher and his girlfriend Tina Donahue. Between the two of them they have a grand total of 4 kids. Tina has two kids of her own, Ellyse and Mady. My father has my sister, Ashlan and I.