Ali Marie

When Love Strikes

            Love is a word that most people over use. More than likely in the wrong way as well. Sadly, in today’s society love has been used, as a one-night stand or simply just to cure loneliness. But that is not all the cases. Sometimes there are people whom are truly in love and you can see it.
            Love sometimes makes a person glow per say. They become radiant and overjoyed. Love just takes a toll on people that most cannot comprehend till the feeling hits them. Some may say love is like a freight train, it hits you so hard and knocks you off your feet, but the ride, is worth any pain it may bring.
            Most individuals express their love differently. In today’s society some may say a wall post on Facebook is a romantic thing to do. Others may say flowers. But before some of these options where available, there was one main way to show your love. If marriage was not yet already in the process, most sent love letters back and forth.
            What is a love letter you may ask? According to, a love letter is, “a letter or note written by someone to his or her sweetheart or lover.” ("Love Letter | Define Love Letter at") British writers wrote some of the greatest love letters. The more famous writers would be Lord Byron, Robert Burdette, Stella Campbell, and Winston Churchill.
            For my particular love letters I used Stella Campbell as my female and my British writer. For the male I used Munro Chambers, a Canadian actor in the hit series Degrassi. Stella, whose true name was Beatrice Stella Tanner, was a famous English actress who was greatly known for “passionate and intelligent characters.” (Mrs. Patrick Campbell.) Stella had married Mr. George Cornwallis-West. (Mrs. Patrick Campbell.) Munro Chambers, as I stated before is an actor on the hit series Degrassi, which is filmed in Canada and is on Teennick.
            Over all love is an admiration for someone. And for that someone you may be able to portray it differently. But one way that has always stayed in fashion is a simple love letter. You do not always need a long, elaborate letter. A simple I love you will make your lady swoon.

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