Ali Marie
Dear Eric,
    I miss you more then ever. But this trip we both know I needed. I'm in Amsterdam, Holland. I figured  I would take a tour of the city where Anne Frank lived.
    I visited her house today. I realized a lot of things while I was there. I learned for starters that nothing in life is secure. And that naturally even the most brusque people can become even much more evil. So trust few and never let them in without them proving themselves to you.
    Another thing I learned was to never take life for granted. At any point in time. Life is more fragile then glass. And we must nurture our lives. Never fear to do the unexpected. Just live your life to love yourself and others. Also never go without telling the people you love, that you love them. Because it maybe just be your last day with them.
    Before I start bawling on the bus ride I figure I'll leave you with some positive things. One thing I found that was absolutely amazing is that instead of car garages, here they have bike garages! It's a crazy thought! But so cool! haha
    well I am off to my next endeavor. I'll be home in a week darling.