Ali Marie
Dear Eric
            You would not believe the journey I am about to endeavor. It is a personal journey, to find who I am again. My recent break up with Joe, really messed with me and this trip is just what I need.
            I am going to start out in Stradbally, Ireland and explore their beautiful beaches. Then head to Marine di Pistrasanta, Italy and indulge in their delightful foods. After which I will make my way to London, England. I want to see Big Ben and explore the cities life. Amsterdam, Holland will follow, with a tour of Anne Frank’s house, and to see their huge chessboard outside their Hard Rock Café. Following Amsterdam, I will head off to Vienna, Austria. Where I plan to explore their German cities, and their soccer stadium. I will end my voyage in Naxos, Greece. I will just marvel at the cities pure beauty and relax by the beach. Also hopefully reflect on all that I have encountered during this experience.
            I plan to spend around a week in each city. And I hope to find the person I used to be. Free spirited and goal driven. I feel I have lost two of the most important traits that made me, well who I am. And I need to find me again.
            Zach, I do hope you understand the need for this trip. I have done all I can here to heal my wounded heart. Now I must go out find me again through the many cultures and the wonderful scenery. I just need this; for me. I promise I’ll return in five weeks from now and we can hopefully move on with out lives. I do care for you, which is why I am doing this. So that you can have the whole me, and not just the shattered pieces.

With my whole heart,